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EU Energizer Portable Power Station pps320 + PWS110 110W

EU Energizer Portable Power Station pps320 + PWS110 110W

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Product Description

Energizer Portable Power Station 320 Watt-Hours for Outdoors Camping/Home Use and More Emergency, 2×300-Watt (Peak 600W) AC Outlets, Built-in LiFePO4 Battery, 100-Watt PD Fast Charging . 

This foldable solar panel is equipped with 4 adjustable angle brackets to maximize solar energy absorption. Weights 10.4lbs are easy to carry out for camping, fishing, RV, Outdoor, etc.



·  Item: Portable Power Station Energizer PPS 320 + Powerwin Solar Panel PWS110 110W 

·  Warrenty: 12-24 Months

·  Energizer PPS320 Portable Power Station with 110W Solar Panel.

·  Capacity: 320Wh, Output: 300W pure sine wave (600W surge).

·  Over 2000 cycles to 80% capacity, for ~10 years.

·  LiFePO4 battery, BMS, MPPT Solar Controller.

·  Charges in 3.5 hrs via PD100W, 5.3 hrs using solar.

·  IP65 waterproof with durable ETFE material.


About This Item


· [Portable and Easy to Carry] POWERWIN Portable Power Station PPS300 is very light. Designed with an ergonomic handle. It's easy to carry and store wherever you go.

· [12V/24V Auto Adaptive] Automatically detects 12V or 24V non-lithium battery. Multiple indicators display the battery information for charging & discharging, customized specs.

· POWERWIN PWS110 110W Portable Solar Panel for Portable Power Station & Foldable Solar Panels Cell Solar Charger Power Equipment for Outdoor Camping Fishing RV Outdoor



1. What is peak wattage?

-The peak power is 300W. If the power required by the equipment exceeds this value, we do not ensure that the equipment can operate normally.

2. Could PPS320 power a kettle or a microwave oven? Would I need a bigger device for that kind of thing? 

-It can charge any device under 300W.

3. PD 60w is marked as in/out in some images and in other images it is only an output. Really hoping it s an in/out. 

-On mine thePD 60W is output only. The PD 100w is input/output.



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