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Silver and GunMetal Chain and Charms Bracelet

Silver and GunMetal Chain and Charms Bracelet

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Multichain bracelet with studded rose gold chain, silver Swarovski crystals chains, gunmetal chains and charms. Hypoallergenic, hand varnished, hand made and made in Italy.

Timing: Made to Order. 7-10 Business Days prior to Shipping.


The Fall Winter 2012-2013 collection is called ROCKMANTICA. ROCKMANTICA is a mix of an Italian word “romantica” and the english word “rock”. “Rock and Romance” are the main characters that predominate into the ROCKMANTICA collectionA word invented to call an imaginary place where every dreams come trueROCKMANTICA is the colors are the happyness. The collection imaginary place and the colors wrap every single jewelThe jewelry is designed with glass beads mixed with natural stones like Aquamarine, Calcedony, Lapislazzuli, White Onyx and Pyrite. The Emerald Green Swarovski crystals and the silver and rose gold plated chains give a stronger look around the natural stones. Small rose gold crosses, skulls, feather, stars and hearts charms give a more rock style mixed with romantic one from the colors of the natural stones.

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