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Byzantium Milo

Brush for foundation

Brush for foundation

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Effect \n \nFormula H Mask brush with wide, flat brush head makes it perfect for applying masks. It is especially good for Formula H Clay Mask and Face Scrub, as it ensures a precise and even distribution over the entire face. \n \nContents \n \nAll brushes from Formula H Skincare have ergonomically designed handles with comfort grips, and the bristles are synthetic. The handles are made of recycled aluminum. The brushes are completely environmentally friendly and made of FSC wood from sustainable, controlled forestry. \n \nInstructions: \n \nDip the brush into the desired mask. Apply the mask on the skin and apply the brush evenly over the face so that the mask is distributed in an even layer. \n \nEnjoy several benefits \n \nTo keep your brush clean and germ-free, you should clean it approx. every 14 days in a mild shampoo eg Formula H Hair Shampoo. Spread a little shampoo in the palm of your hand and lather up with a little water. Then pass the bristles / spatula through the shampoo several times. Rinse with clean, lukewarm water and allow to dry on a flat surface. \n \nYou make a difference \n \nFormula H buys raw materials directly where they are farmed. It provides full control over quality and working conditions. When you buy Formula H, you directly support the farm employees who harvest the raw materials for your Formula H products. Formula H ensures that the farm employees get a proper salary, that their children go to school, that the families have clean water, toilets, showers and refrigerators. You thus make a big difference by choosing Formula H.

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