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Medusa’s Flower - Fuschia - 100% Silk Scarf

Medusa’s Flower - Fuschia - 100% Silk Scarf

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Greek mythology is a powerful inspiration for Fetolia. Medusa is an ancient, female character, one of the three Gorgons and the child of Ceto and Phorcys. Medusa’ s beauty was so remarkable that even Poseidon himself found her irresistible and tried to seduce her. However, when she did not reciprocate his affections, he attacked her and raped her right inside a temple dedicated to the goddess of Athena. The goddess was awakened with anger by what had happened inside her hallowed halls.

For some unknown reason, Athena did not punish Poseidon for the rape he committed. It could be because Poseidon was her uncle and the powerful god of the sea, which meant that technically, only Zeus could punish Poseidon for his crime. It could also have been that Athena was envious of Medusa’ s beauty and the attraction that men had towards her. Whatever the exact reason, Athena turned her wrath towards Medusa and punished her by turning her into a hideous monster, with snakes growing out of her head, and a deadly stare that would immediately turn anyone to stone if they looked into her eyes.

Modern powerful and famous women have proudly worn a head full of snakes to depict power, sexuality, and the acknowledgment of their emerging role in society and politics.



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