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The Magnificent Alstroemeria - Grey - 100% Silk Scarf

The Magnificent Alstroemeria - Grey - 100% Silk Scarf

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Originating from South America and otherwise known as the “Peruvian Lily” or “Lily of the Incas”, it is named after a Swedish baron named Claus von Alstromer, who brought the seeds back to Europe in the middle of 1700s.
Alstroemeria are full of symbolism and carry different meanings in different cultures. They are typically seen as a symbol of grace, purity, majesty and honor.

The inspiration to our artisans was not only the beauty of this magnificent flower but also the idea that each one of the six petals supposedly represent a special characteristic : Understanding, Humor, Patience, Empathy, Commitment and Respect. 

The Alstroemeria has a host of spiritual interpretations, making it the perfect good luck gift.

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